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Policy 701 - How does it apply to me?
Learning Objectives

MODULE 1: Purpose and Application of Policy 701
History of Policy 701
What is the purpose of Policy 701?
Application of Policy 701

MODULE 2: What is non-professional conduct?
Non-professional conduct
Category I: Abuse
Category II: Misconduct
Inappropriate Behaviour Management
Examples of Appropriate Behaviour

MODULE 3: Reporting Policy 701 Complaints
Reporting Policy 701 Complaints
False or malicious complaints

MODULE 4: What to expect if a complaint is filed against you
Notification of respondent
The Investigation
What happens after the investigation has been completed?
Communicating the Outcome of an Investigation
The Respondent

Extra Resources
Policy 701 Policy for the Protection of Pupils
- Appendix A - Complaint Summary Form
Employee Orientation Policy 701- How does it apply to me
Brochure: What happens if a complaint is made against me?
Policy 701 Training Presentation (Employee Orientation)

Validation Questionnaire