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Community Access

1. To whom does the policy apply?
    a) any adult who, through the public education system, is in contact with pupils
    b) all school staff
    c) all staff and volunteers
    d) teaching staff only
2. Which of the following behaviours are considered abuse (category 1) under Policy 701?
    a) asking a pupil out on a date
    b) discriminatory behavior based on age, gender or sexual orientation
    c) offences under section 31 of the Family Services Act
    d) all of the above
3. An example of appropriate behaviour could be physical force or restraint, not exceeding that required for an     orderly learning environment, personal safety, the protection of others or the protection of school property.
4. An example of abuse (category 1) is a behaviour which may not necessarily be directed at anyone in particular     but creates hostile or offensive atmosphere.
5. How is it determined that a behaviour is offensive and constitutes a misconduct (category 2) under Policy 701?
    a) judged inappropriate by New Brunswick educators in the public school system
    b) where an adult has witnessed the behaviour
    c) one or more pupils feel offended
    d) a police investigation is necessary
6. If you do not intend to hurt a pupil, it is not a breach of Policy 701.
7. Physical contact with pupils is:
    a) prohibited
    b) appropriate in some situations
    c) required in some situations
    d) b & c
8. Any member of the school personnel who has reasonable grounds to believe that any adult who is in contact     with pupils in the public school system has been charged with any violent crime or crime against a child, or who     has otherwise engaged in non-professional conduct, must inform the superintendent.
9. A policy 701 complaint will be accepted if it is received:
    a) from an anonymous source
    b) from the complainant in person
    c) by phone or email
    d) all of the above
10. Behaviour which is considered physical, sexual or emotional abuse or neglect of a child whether or not the        child is a pupil in the public school system is an example of abuse under this policy.
11. Policy 701 complaints can be initiated by:
    a) school staff
    b) the alleged victim
    c) another pupil
    d) the parents of the alleged victim
    e) any person
12. Misconduct is negative conduct that would be judged inappropriate by professionals in the New Brunswick        public education system. It is more severe than abuse and has damaging effects on the physical, mental,        social or emotional well-being of the pupils.
13. The superintendent will determine the type and seriousness of the complaint and determine whether an investigation is necessary.
14. Employees who become aware of abuse of children are required to report under Policy 701 when
    a) the child is a pupil and the abuse happening at the school
    b) the child is a pupil and the abuse is happening at home
    c) when the child attends school in another jurisdiction(school district)
    d) all of the above
15. Complaints may not be filed directly at the school district office.

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