What is non-professional conduct?
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Category II: Misconduct

Misconduct is negative conduct towards pupils which would be judged inappropriate by New Brunswick educators. It is less severe than abuse but has damaging effects on the physical, mental, social or emotional well-being of pupils. These effects may or may not be intentional.

Examples of Misconduct
  • attempting to pursue, isolate or see pupils individually without valid reason;
  • behaviour which may not necessarily be directed at anyone in particular but creates a hostile or offensive atmosphere;
  • behaviour which would objectively be considered offensive or insulting, exceeding reasonable limits of discipline and has remained unremedied after normal intervention by supervisors. This includes:
      - comments, conduct or displays which demean, belittle, or cause unfair disadvantage
      - staring, perceivable to an observer, at genitals, breasts or buttocks
      - making sexual gestures or inappropriate comment or jokes.
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