What to expect if a complaint is filed against you
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Notification of respondent

What must happen before the investigation begins?

As the respondent, you will be informed of the complaint at a face-to-face meeting in the workplace as soon as possible.

You will be provided with a written statement of allegations (preferably at the face-to-face meeting). The written statement of allegations may be a summary of the complaint and may or may not include the identity of the complainant and/ or pupil.

You will also be informed that you have the right to be accompanied at any point in the investigation process by a person of your choosing, or to have union representation if applicable.

You will be informed of any measures being taken to minimize the contact between yourself and the pupil. A common measure taken is to reassign the respondent to home with pay, pending the outcome of the investigation. This is non-disciplinary and is meant to protect the pupil and the rights of the person against whom the complaint is made.

You may be offered the services of the Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP) as a policy 701 investigation is often a stressful process.

A letter should be sent to you following the initial meeting.
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